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Quick Facts on Microtia

  • Microtia is an ear deformity that occurs one in every 6,000-12,000 births.
  • Atresia means no ear canal.
  • Microtia and Atresia usually occur together.
  • Microtia occurs more often in boys than girls.
  • Children with microtia and atresia usually have severe hearing loss on the affected ear.
  • Although there is a hearing loss in children with microtia, the inner ears on both sides are usually normal.
  • There are various options to help the hearing status on children with microtia and atresia.
  • A bone-anchored hearing aid (BAHA) is an option to ear canal surgery to improve the hearing.
  • Microtia can cause problems with self-esteem, so early intervention is highly recommended.
  • Parents with microtia tend to have guilt over their child's condition. It is not the parent's fault!
  • It is important to see a Genetics specialist in order to evaluate family history.
  • It is felt that microtia may be caused by ischemia or decreased blood flow during development.
  • The kidneys develop about the same time as the ears, so evaluation is commonly done prior to leaving the hospital.
  • Intermittent hearing evaluations should occur in children with microtia.
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Microtia Facts  
  • Microtia occurs once in every 6,000 to 12,000 births.
  • Atresia means no ear canal.
  • Children with microtia and atresia usually have severe hearing loss on the affected ear.
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