Questions parents should ask when looking for a microtia surgeon:

By simply asking the surgeon "Is your practice EXCLUSIVELY dedicated to children with microtia?". This eliminates 99.99% of all surgeons worldwide.

Dr. Bonilla is the only one!

How often do you perform microtia surgery on children?

The ideal surgeon is one who exclusively performs surgery on pediatric microtia patients.

Can I see before & after pictures of some of your patients?

If the surgeon has microtia experience he/she should be able to have a very large amount of pictures to share with you.

Can I speak with families of children who have had microtia surgery with you?

The vast majority of parents are happy to share their experience with other families who have children with microtia and atresia.

What is your complication rate?

In experienced hands, complications in microtia surgery should be extremely rare. The surgeon should share their experience.

Will the ear look exactly like the normal side?

Although microtia surgery  is not an exact science, results should be consistently excellent.

Do you only operate on patients with microtia or are you a general plastic surgeon

Many parents are lead to believe that their surgeons are microtia specialists. The vast majority are either general or pediatric plastic surgeons that perform many other types of surgeries besides microtia surgery.

Do you operate only on children or do you operate on adults too?

Children are NOT small adults. Your surgeon should have his/her team of anesthesiologists who have a vast experience with microtia patients. There are airway issues that anesthesiologists should be prepared to handle.

How many years have you been performing microtia surgery?

Every surgeon has to start with their first microtia patient. We have all been there. Dr. Bonilla has been exclusively performing  pediatric microtia surgery for 25 years.

Do you perform the Natural Cartilage or the Medpor technique?

It takes decades of experience to master just one microtia technique. Be wary of those that say that they perform all techniques and are a “one-stop shop”. This is in addition to their other plastic surgeries such as facelifts, breast augmentations, nose surgeries, etc…

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