Advantages of the Laser in Microtia Surgery By Arturo Bonilla M.D. on January 15, 2022

Safety Advantage of Laser During Microtia Surgery

microtia laser surgery
Dr. Bonilla using the gold contact laser during excision of the rib cartilage.

The advantage of using a gold-contact laser during microtia surgery:

  1. Less Thermal injury
  2. Less Bleeding
  3. Less Pain
Less thermal burn with microtia laser surgery

Dr. Bonilla has been one of the pioneer surgeons using the gold contact laser with excellent success. It has dramatically decreased blood loss during microtia surgery to approximately one teaspon or 5 cc. Because it is a contact laser, the precision cut occurs only where the laser touches the skin and soft tissue. Because of the success of Dr. Bonilla's laser surgeries, the laser is now used in neurosurgery, gynecology, urology, ENT, gastroenterology and plastic surgery.

The gold contact laser is designed to optimize the benefits of  surgical applications!

  • Provides Precise Cutting, Excellent Hemostasis, and Touch Control – simultaneously
  • Reduces the risk of intra-operative and post-operative bleeding
  • Produces a narrow, cleaner and sterile cut, reducing thermal damage
  • The Light Scalpels work ONLY where you TOUCH tissue
  • <0.3mm depth of penetration for minimized lateral thermal damage to surrounding healthy tissue
  • GOLD Laser Energy is delivered through any fluid medium 

For further information on the laser, visit the Medical Energy website.

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