Dr. Arturo Bonilla

Cirujano Pediátrico de la Microtia

El Dr. Arturo Bonilla ha dedicado su carrera entera por mas de 25 años exclusivamente tratando a pacientes que nacen con microtia y atresia..  Dr. Bonilla has been recognized as the leading pediatric microtia surgeon utilizing the child’s own natural cartilage. In addition to building ears for his patients, his experience as a Pediatric ENT allows him to place bone-anchored hearing aids to improve the child’s hearing. He has developed special techniques that have resulted in excellent outcomes for his children with microtia and atresia.

As a passionate and caring surgeon, Dr. Bonilla treats these children as if they were his own. It is evident when these children reach out with cartas conmovedoras. Como resultado, el mantiene lazos de por vida con sus pacientes y sus familias. Los pacientes viajan desde todo el mundo para recibir una evaluación y tratamiento por parte del Dr. Bonilla. Su dedicación en la Bio-impresión 3D precisa de células del cartílago va a revolucionar el futuro de la cirugía de Microtia.

Since 1996, Dr. Bonilla has developed the largest exclusive PEDIATRIC microtia center in North America and worldwide and has performed thousands of surgeries to help children born with this ear deformity.

Because of Dr. Bonilla’s exclusivity to PEDIATRIC ear deformities, he does not perform the usual surgeries of a plastic surgeon such as breast augmentations, tummy tucks, liposuction, facelifts, nose jobs, etc… Instead, Dr. Bonilla concentrates only in pediatric surgery of the external ear. He has interacted with thousands of children born with microtia and other ear deformities.

Dr. Bonilla sees patients from all over the world. The combination of extensive experience in the head and neck as well as the subspecialty in dealing only with children have made Dr. Bonilla unique. The saying “you will never see an adult patient in my office” holds true for Dr. Bonilla.

Since founding the Microtia-Congenital Ear Deformity Institute, Dr. Bonilla has remained in private practice. He has given numerous lectures throughout the United States. He has been asked to give conferences as the sole cartilage microtia surgeon in the largest microtia and atresia conferences in the United States.

Community service has been part of the mission at the Microtia-Congenital Ear Deformity Institute. Educating parents and children about microtia and other medical problems has been very successful. Even Dr. Bonilla’s patients have volunteered to speak to other children about their experiences with an ear abnormality. This demonstrates the dramatic improvement in self-esteem and confidence that the ear reconstruction can give a child with microtia.