cartilage versus medpor supor Cartilage vs Medpor/Supor
Ear Material Cartilage Plastic
Will it break? No, cartilage does not break because it is the child's own tissue Yes, it may break because it is made out of a plastic material
Length of surgery & anesthesia 1 to 3 hours 6 to 12 hours
Number of surgeries 2 to 3 1 to 2
Time to complete all surgeries 4 months 1 to 6 months (if adjustment needed)
Age to start surgery 6 years of age 3 years of age
Cost Cost is minimal because we make arrangements with most insurance companies Because of the total length of surgeries, costs vary by surgeon
Psychological Aspects We begin the surgeries around 6 years of age so that by the time the child starts the 1st grade, the ear reconstruction is finished Teasing does not normally begin until the children reach the 1st grade, so we don't feel it is necessary to begin at 3 years of age as some surgeons do
Is the surgery Inpatient or Outpatient? The child is observed overnight ONLY for the first surgery. The remaining surgeries are outpatient. Outpatient