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Natural Cartilage Ear Surgery

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Dr. Arturo Bonilla Is The World's Only Exclusive Pediatric Microtia Surgeon

Dr. Bonilla has dedicated his entire career of over 25 years exclusively taking care of thousands of children born with microtia and atresia. His unique surgical techniques and caring approach have led to global recognition as the leading pediatric microtia surgeon who utilizes children's own natural cartilage.

What  is Microtia?

Microtia is a congenital ear deformity that causes small and improperly formed ears. Because of the moderate to severe conductive hearing loss, some speech delay may occur in children. The great news is that a highly-skilled surgeon like Dr. Bonilla can help children by repairing their microtia, as well as improve their hearing loss so that they may lead full, healthy lives. 

Dr. Bonilla has developed special techniques that have resulted in excellent outcomes for children with microtia and atresia.


Letters From
Our Patients

There is no better sense of gratitude than to read the letters written by our children with microtia. These letters are so heartwarming and fun to read. We are honored to care for so many children with microtia and atresia worldwide

Children's Letters

A Year In The Life Of Dr. Bonilla's Practice Annual Video

The pure joy our patients show after successful treatment always puts smiles on our faces. Watch one of our annual patient compilations to see the children who have undergone Dr. Bonilla's microtia treatment. 

Visit us at our pediatric microtia clinic!

As your child's surgeon, Dr. Bonilla will utilize existing rib cartilage to perform his advanced microtia repair technique. Ear reconstruction with rib cartilage provides a natural look, feel, and bend for your child's ear. 
A side view of a child with microtia
Before A child with a Grade 3 Microtia . 
A side view of a child after surgery for microtia where the deformity has disappeared
After Postoperative result with Dr. Bonilla's technique

Dr. Arturo Bonilla standing in his lab coat and smiling

Dr. Bonilla's passion has always been helping children with microtia!

Dr. Bonilla's advanced technology and techniques are why so many parents pick him for their children's life-changing treatment. His natural cartilage method, in comparison to the plastic polyethylene alternative, requires shorter surgery times, less anesthesia, and will not break since it uses living tissue. Other examples of Dr. Bonilla's top-notch methods include contact laser technology, which minimizes discomfort.

We know that parents may feel undue guilt when their child has microtia. This diagnosis is by no means your fault, and you can feel comfort in knowing that we can help. In addition to our technological advancements aiding us in providing elite care, they also help keep costs down. At the Microtia - Congenital Ear Institute, we also make arrangements with most insurance companies to make your child's treatment as affordable as possible. For compassionate, world-class care from a physician who prioritizes you and your child's well-being at all times, call or contact us today. 

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Because there is nothing that can replace our own living cartilage, Dr. Bonilla only performs this cartilage technique.

Families from around the globe come to San Antonio to seek treatment with Dr. Bonilla and his advanced natural cartilage techniques.


Patient Resources

It is important to us that patients, parents, and loved ones are fully informed regarding microtia and the treatment they will receive at Dr. Bonilla's  Microtia - Congenital Ear Institute in San Antonio, Texas. Here are some resources that can illuminate microtia and our life-changing treatment. 

Major Media Recognition From Across the Spectrum 

Dr. Bonilla's work  has been featured by many globally recognized outlets, including CNN, Fox News, CBS, ABC, NBC, Univision, and Telemundo. This is just one of the many stories highlighting his outstanding microtia treatment.

Dr. Bonilla Featured on American News Outlets

New York Times

Doctors Transplant Ear of Human Cells, Made by 3-D Printer…3DBio Therapeutics, a biotech company in Queens, said it had for the first time used 3-D printing to make a body part with a patient’s own cells.

Daily Mail

Woman, 20, gets a new 3D printed EAR made from her own cells in ‘revolutionary’ world-first transplant

The Guardian

Woman’s ear rebuilt with 3D-printed living tissue implant

Yahoo News



A surgically implanted, 3D-printed ear marks a medical advance


Woman gets 3D printed ear transplant made of her own cells


Surgeons successfully transplant 3D-printed ear made of living cells onto patient with rare birth defect


World-first as doctors transplant 3D printed ear made of human cells


Woman Gets New Ear Made of Her Own 3D-Printed Cells


 In a World First, Scientists Transplant 3D-Printed ‘Living Ear’ Onto Patient…”I’ve actually been waiting for this my whole career”, says lead surgeon Arturo Bonilla

Cornell Chronicle

Cornellian-founded company implants 3D-bioprinted ear

Fox 32 Chicago

New 3D-printed ear could be a game-changer for organ transplants, doctors say


Mexicana recibe “trasplante revolucionario” de oreja impresa en 3D facricada con sus propias células


Implantan a una joven mexicana una oreja creada con impresora 3D en una operación pionera: “Mi autoestima subirá”, exclama

The Telegraph

World-first as doctors transplant 3D printed ear made of human cells


“Historic Moment”: Doctors Successfully Transplant 3D-Printed Ear Made Of Living Cells


Watch: Scientists 3D print ear from human cells and transplant into patient in medical breakthrough

Washington Examiner

Doctors transplant 3D-printed ear made from human cells


Surgeons Transplant 3D Ear Made Of Living Cells

Fox 5 Washington

Ned #d_printed ear could be a game-changer for organ transplants, doctors say

Russia Times (RT)

Woman receives 3D printed ear transplant

Iraqi News

Woman receives 3D printed ear transplant

Irish Times

Doctors transplant 3D-printed ear made of human cells…New ear not likely to be rejected by the body as tissue originated from patiewnt, doctors say

The Australian

Surgeons transplant 3D ear made of living cells


Surgeons Transplant 3D Ear Made Of Living Cells

​Dr. Arturo Bonilla smiling in a lab coat

Microtia - Congenital Ear Institute ​Dr. Arturo Bonilla

Microtia - Congenital Ear Institute, led by Dr. Bonilla, is the largest exclusive pediatric microtia center in North America. Dr. Bonilla has been recognized as the leading pediatric microtia surgeon, performing thousands of surgeries for children all over the world. His affiliations include: American Medical Association | American Academy of Otolaryngology

You can contact our office online or by calling (210) 477-3277.

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